Having made the photo sucking and fucking version of her 60PlusMILFs.com debut; sexy 65-year-old Scarlet Andrews sits down for an interview and tells all. Scarlet is wearing a red dress she calls her Marilyn Monroe dress; although Marilyns was white; and Marilyn was wearing panties. Scarlet isnt; which is one of the reasons we say her husband; who accompanied her to our studio and watched her fuck a 21-year-old stranger; is a very lucky man.He likes the fact that I can be a little on the wild side but still play the Southern belle; she says.These days; Scarlet is living in Tampa; Florida; but she was born and raised in Birmingham; Alabama; a place where the women are very conservative and dont generally walk around without panties.Alabama was just too rigid; so I went to college and came out of college and became a flight attendant; Scarlet says.And thats when the interview heats up. Scarlet has a lot of sexy stories about being a flight attendant; and when you hear them; you wont be surprised that she came to our studio and fucked a guy whos 44 years younger than her.Actually; after you see this interview; nothing Scarlet does will surprise you.

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