This is an historic day at Because today; we’re breaking the age barrier. Make that destroying the age barrier. Sandra Ann is our first 70something; and by a healthy margin. Sandra Ann is 75 years old (born July 24; 1934 in Los Angeles; California; she now lives in Northern California).
Sandra Ann; who’s a complete amateur (she’s done some private video and photo modeling); is not shy. Early in this video interview; she’s asked why she’s so happy to be here. And she answers enthusiastically; “Because I’m going to meet a wonderful man pretty soon. He’s gonna fuck me!”
For the record; Sandra Ann has been married twice; divorced twice (the last time in 1992) and she never plans to get married again. She’s having too much fun fucking anyone she wants. In this interview; she points out that while her friends are home watching TV; she’s deep-throating big-cocked black men. Yeah; deep-throating. She easily downs all nine-plus inches of Lucas’s thick cock and gobbles down his balls; too. She might give the best blow jobs we’ve ever seen.
More about Sandra Ann: She’s 5’4″; 128 pounds and manages an apartment complex for seniors. She enjoys movies; swimming; gardening; exercising; crocheting and knitting. Her fantasy is to be in an all-black gang bang; and she says her only fetish is sucking cock. She once gave head to a black guy while they were riding a ferris wheel. But you just have to hear what she says about giving blow jobs to her ex-husbands.
Okay; enough talk. Let’s get to the action. By the way; Sandra Ann doesn’t do a lot of speaking in this interview. She was too eager to suck cock.

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