Jeannie Lou is dressed respectably; as if she’s getting ready to go out to a nice restaurant; but that doesn’t prevent her from keeping up a torrent up dirty fuck talk that would make a seasoned porn slut blush. “I just want you to fuck my mouth real good; baby;” this 62-year-old mother and grandmother says. “I can’t wait for you to rip those goddamn pantyhose off of me. I’m so fuckin’ horny. I want to watch that big cock go in and out of my pussy. And after you’re done with that; I want you to fuck that ass of mine. I’ve got such a nice; tight; fuckin’ ass; and it loves your cock!” Yowser! But; as we’ve seen before; Jeannie Lou doesn’t merely talk a good game. She sucks and fucks a good game; too; gagging on the cock; moaning like a bitch in heat while she’s getting her cunt dicked and spreading her cunt wide (and/or frigging her clit) while her ass is getting plundered. “Oh; you’re such a fuckin’ animal!” Jeannie Lou says to her stud. “Oh; you love that fuckin’ little ass that’s so tight around your fuckin’ cock.” Then the guy cums on her face and she rubs it in; and Jeannie Lou’s keeping up the fuck talk; and although you know she’s been sexually satisfied and probably couldn’t take another inch of cock; you also know that if a hard-on showed up; she wouldn’t turn it down. Sixtysomethings. You gotta love ’em!

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