We don’t know about you; but we’re not crazy about movies with sub-titles. There’s too much work involved; trying to watch a movie and read at the same time; and what if you close your eyes? You can’t even hear what’s going on!

The movie you’re about to see has sub-titles; but we don’t think you’ll mind. This is the exception. You see; 47-year-old Latina Marisa Carlo speaks very little English; so our stud had to speak to her in Spanish. Rather than leave you in the dark about what Marisa is saying; we decided to provide sub-titles.

In this movie; Marisa says things like; “I like big cocks” and “I have 34F tits” and “Do you wanna see?” and “Deep; very deep!” and “Put it in my ass.” That last thing she says in English. That’s because it’s an important phrase for Marisa. What if she’s with a guy who doesn’t speak Spanish? How’s she supposed to let him know that she wants his cock in her ass.

She doesn’t say “gaping; pink cunt;” but she should. She does say; “Cum in my ass.”

You’re about to change your opinion about sub-titles.

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